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    Guangzhou SANHE electron is by the scientific research, the production, the sale, and the construction necessary implementation high technology and new technology enterprise primarily. Promotes the scientific and technical payoffs transformation, cultivates the Small and medium-sized enterprise, the advertisement company and the entrepreneur for the objective technical industrial production Service organization. This enterprise is humanist, many technical colleges' and universities' expert and the professionals holds the post of the technical backbone or scientific research teacher in Our company. The company fund strength is abundant, examines well appointed. The company focuses on the operative technology development, the research, weeds through the old to bring forth the new unceasingly for society's development.

    in 2000, the company researched and developed the large-scale outdoors to roll up and push along the type to trade the picture to rotate the lamphouse, sold each kind of hotel thing, the billboard, the index plate, the lamphouse, as well as provided rolls up and pushes along the type to trade the picture to rotate the lamphouse fitting sale service. This company lamphouse in various countries and so on Malaysia, US, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Canada, Philippines is put in massively. The success hastens to ground domestic outdoor advertising media markets and so on Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Nanjing, Chongqing, Haikou, Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Tibet. at the beginning of 2004, the evil spirit picture the number symbol speed changed the lamphouse collection machinery, optics, electronic, the digital technology in a body, around the country succeeded goes on the market. Its going on the market has caused the international advertising industry and the craft present favor immediately, is evaluated the most outstanding advertisements propaganda product by the professional. Various businesses' massive making to order and the delivery, are to our achievements in scientific research affirmation, is we three and person's being honored with arrogant.


The practice is verifies the truth the sole criterion, the marketability degree should be examines the scientific and technical payoffs value the standard. Several hundred model projects rapidly were still increasing, welcome the scene visit, the inspection.

The innovation is the national progressive soul, is a national prosperous development the drainless power. Since the 21st century, three and the human sets up without hesitation the scientific innovation achievement foundation, the promoting education plan of the city.

In the intense market competition, the company staffs are willing with the community man of insight to cross a river in a boat together, to meet the international economy situation new challenge to make a greater endeavor.

The customer needs our pursue, enterprise's success is our joy. Let us create magnificently hand in hand!

Welcome the country, the inside and outside customers to come to discuss the project, carries on the technical training, the discussion product proxy.

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