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Dynamic scrolling signs release

Dynamic scrolling signs features:
1, dynamic light box, dynamic scrolling signs not only gives a strong visual impact, but also greatly improve the advertising unit area utilization.
2, more important is that it is more than the neon lights, safe, long life, good market prospects
3, the electronic flashing light box is the use of a new type of ultra high brightness LED (light-emitting diode) combined with the development of a central CPU programming
4. The advantages of LED, LED, which is a new type of super bright light, determine the advantage of the electronic dynamic light box.
The contents of the screen can be replaced, and the light source can be used for a long time, the input content is from the USB interface or the wireless transmitting interface, which can change the flashing mode at random.
5, applicable scope:
Applicable to any commercial area and urban construction facilities, Including commercial center, supermarket, bank, chain store, hotel wine
Building, fast food restaurant, airport, station, subway, dock, bus station, elevator, interior decoration, wedding photography, label, etc..


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