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Large scrolling Signs
Main parameters of large large scrolling signs
Light box type: double side scrolling
Frame number: 3-12
Number of containers (40 'GP):13 bulk
Net weight: 1200Kg
Gross weight: 1300Kg
Panel material: tempered glass
Material: aluminum profile
Appearance color: available for customers to choose
System model: SPDE-100A
Applicable voltage: 100V~240V
Motor power: 100W
Light source: LED5050 light source
Product description
This series of products to adhere to the quality of the first, should be required to change, accurate positioning. Its high standards of production, as well as simple and easy to use, flexible scalability, and many other aspects are ahead of similar manufacturers, the real value of the product delivered to the customer. Product core selling point: no rust, no maintenance, zero concerns.
Product features
1, LED energy-saving light source 2, short circuit protection
3, power down 4, more than synchronization
5, waterproof heat dissipation function 6, picture brightness uniformity
7, the appearance of color optional
Place of application
Commercial streets, stations, airports, terminals, exhibitions, road, advertising, etc…

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